Rivers and Rails: A Tribute to Alberta

September 1, 2005-2006 was Alberta's Centennial, 100 years proud. This collection of 15 songs, by 27 songwriters, was crafted specifically to celebrate Alberta's heritage and future. Each song is a piece of the mosaic of Alberta's story, from Rivers to Rails to the Ghosts on the Trails... an epic adventure that celebrates Alberta's past, present and future. The vision of this centennial project captures the spirit, passion and pride of the province and its people, and reveals some truly remarkable legends. Celebrating the life and times of Albertans, this musical collaboration records a moment in time forever. The story is told by a diverse group of songwriters, collaborating their efforts for this historic CD.


Available now at Megatunes in
Calgary and Edmonton

Calgary: 932 17 Ave. S.W.        Edmonton: 10355 Whyte Ave.


Tracklist and Lyrics

Credits and "Thank You"s



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