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Hi Chris,

I just wanted to write you and tell you thanks for letting me play and record with your amps. They were fantastic!!! I wished I could've brought them all back with me back to Las Vegas. I honestly can't remember, in my 20 plus years of playing guitar, ever hearing such a brilliant and honest sounding guitar amp. The definition and clarity blew my mind! And they tracked so well too!!! Lanny and I were both thoroughly impressed with the results. Thank you so much and I will proudly wear the t-shirt that you gave me.

Sam Daniel

( note: This is just one advantage to recording your project at The Beach Advanced Audio Production; all the Swampdonkey amps you want! Sam was referring to the M50HR, Mule and Redpoll models.)

Moosette Reviews

"I was producing an Indy Rock band, so we set up the Orange, the AC30, the Marshall and the Moosette...we all chose the Moosette for literally EVERY guitar track. 
Then, I was producing a country record so I set up some vintage fenders, the Orange, the Dr. Z and the Moosette...again, for EVERY single track we chose the Moosette!!!
In addition to the great sounds in the studio, I can't even begin to tell you all the raving compliments I get on my tone every time I play live now! Les Paul straight into the Moosette.

Swampdonkey has created some truly special amps of the highest quality. Thanks Chris."

- Mike Rogerson


"Lovin' my Moosette ! I'm still exploring the variety of sounds it has, but it's taking me forever because I get so engrossed in the sound whatever it's set at that I forget to try some of the other settings."

- John M.

M50 Reviews


"We’re proud of any association with Swampdonkey – killer amp!!

Thanks for making the trip and improving our in-house tone!

Steve Dodd

Production Designer
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"... power, body and massive volume... stunning clarity and sensitivity... It's strength is in delivering clear, wide, blooming-type sound with punchy lows (never boomy), a thumping, articulate midrange, and glittery, yet nicely-recessed highs.... you get broad, spanking, in-your-face dynamics across a frequency spectrum that's very flattering to rock, country, and funk/blues-type guitar."

- Rob Tardik from Road Test in Canadian Musician Magazine


"... as unique sounding as it looks... a bouncy, soulful upgrade on the classic Fender sound with a nice dash of Marshall Plexi and Vox and Hiwatt cleans... I found the the cleans with this amp to be sparkly, chimey, not overly compressed call back to the classics.... surprising note separation not usually seen with this kind of amp... Very responsive and highly suited to the single coil Tele pickups. Chris has updated some classic, steady sounds, given it a really sweet spin, and made it his own."

- Curtis Fagan from  Harmony Central (cross posted to the Guitars Canada website)


"... a big, burly single channel tone generator with a rich, open sound...The clarity, big open bottom, un aggressive mids and top end air make this a very soulful experience...What makes the voice switch selections so workable is not only their way of changing the amps character for the sake of different tone but the way this ability mates up with different guitars...The standout feature of this amp for me was the way the preamp gain circuit (Drive control) mates up seamlessly with the core organic power tube breakup... I cannot say I've heard a preamp so well conceived before."

- Craig Squires from his website: guitarfromthegreengoo.com (cross posted to the Guitars Canada website)


"Chris wants a person to find THEIR sound.....an extension of their musical voice. When we have that sound we enjoy, we are free to explore what we do and even push ourselves further !!! I've had a close-hand look at Chris' work ---  the construction is built for longevity and the sound ? .........unforgettable."

- Osea Colati via e-mail. Check out Osea on MySpace


Gypsy Reviews

"... by far the most warm and organic complex Class A gain voicing I've heard to date! ... both channels compliment each other while at the same time handling very different tasks. The harmonically rich Normal channel gets you in that clean to dirty zone that only a Class A can do... the true glory of this amp is heard when the KT88 starts breaking a sweat in a big way. This is achieved by cascading the Normal and Raw channels... I hear that unique quality that is truly the mark of someone who has labored many hours over the pursuit of tonal bliss."

- Craig Squires from his website: guitarfromthegreengoo.com (cross posted to the Guitars Canada website)