Video Samples:

Audio Samples:

Have a listen to these short downloadable clips to get an idea of what our amps sound like. Please note, the artists that kindly provided these samples are presenting original work in many of these clips. Please respect their copyright! None of these clips is meant to imply an endorsement.

If you'd like to help us out and record some clips to be presented here, please drop us a line !

For a DVD brochure that features audio and video clips of our amps, please drop us a line and we'll get that out to you in the mail. Feel free to to contact us to arrange a private demo of our amps at our showroom or your location. You may also want to check our NEWS PAGE for opportunities to play our amps in other venues.

You really must experience our amplifiers in person to appreciate the fidelity, head room and control you have over your tone !

The Gypsy and Moosette are in prototype form and their specs are in the process of being refined. These clips were recorded with an SM-57 into my laptop's soundcard. The Guitars represented here are a new Mexican Strat of mid '70's configuration, a hybrid T-style guitar with Fender standard pickups and a Les Paul Standard. More clips of the Gypsy using cleaner Drive settings are also on the way.

Redpoll prototype MP3 clips:

These short MP3 clips were recorded by Ryan Davidson in December 2014 using an American Tele straight into the Redpoll equipped with 6L6 tubes. The speaker cab used here is a Morgan 1x12 open back baltic birch ply loaded with a Celestion Blue. Two mics were used; a Royer 121 and a Shure SM57. For the last two clips, Ryan switched to his Les Paul Signature T using the bridge pickup.

Redpoll trem and verb demo

Redpoll Blues demo

Redpoll Country demo

Redpoll Jazz demo

Redpoll L.A. demo

Redpoll Funk demo

Redpoll Humbucker trem and verb demo

Redpoll Humbucker demo 2


Purple Surfer MP3 clips:

These short samples were made with a Tele; sporting Tom Short Country Coils, straight into the Purple Surfer, then into a Swampdonkey Gypsy's Normal channel with a 12AY7 preamp tube...

Click Here for the MP3 audio sample (one)

Click Here for the MP3 audio sample (two)

Gypsy prototype MP3 clips:

Bryce Lewis playing his Fender Tele w/ Texas pickups -- clip1(Country Riffing -1.8 MB) -- clip2 (Jazz Outtro - 460k)

Strat Clips

Normal Channel -- all controls at 12 o'clock (1.3 MB) -- now with Volume at 3 o'clock (1.5 MB)
Raw Channel -- Volume at 9 o'clock (630k) -- Volume at 12 o'clock (600k) -- Volume at 3 o'clock (1.5 MB)

Les Paul Clips

Normal Channel -- all controls at 12 o'clock (870k)
Hi Gain -- (Raw channel cascaded into Normal channel -- 352k)

Moosette MP3 clips:

Check out these tunes by emerging country artist, Amanda Jean on Soundcloud. All the electric instruments were recorded using a Moosette.

A big "Thank You" to Mike Watson for supplying these clips! These were all recorded by Mike playing his Epiphone chambered Les Paul straight in. This is a great demo of highly overdriven Delta Blues !

Little blues riff, Little blues riff 2, 30 sec blues riff, 30 sec slide piece, 05, Little blues lead, Different Character Settings, Reverb Riff with some lead, Super mud tone, Rag in C, Crow Jane, Bluesy lead, Boogie Woogie in E, Little jazzy run

Here's a couple of newer clips that show off the reverb. Both were recorded using an Ibanez FG-100 hollow body guitar with the stock; higher output preamp tube installed.

FG-100 clean (2.5 MB)
FG-100 dirty (1.4 MB)

The Moosette's single channel preamp with reverb has slightly lower gain than the Normal channel on the Gypsy. This amp puts out about 15 watts clean from a single EL34 and is output  through a Jensen P12N in an open backed cabinet for these first 3 clips (below). 

These 3 clips take the amp through basic clean & grind settings and into breakup. A little bit of reverb is used throughout. These 3 samples were recorded with an ECC81 in the preamp for less gain.

Tele noodling (5.3 MB)
Strat noodling (6.8 MB)
Les Paul noodling (6.1 MB)

M50 Stock Production model MP3 clips:

This track is just me pounding out chords on an ESP EX-50 guitar

These two samples were provided courtesy of John Heals, an amazing guitar player I've known for years. These are both excerpts from "Joshua's '57 Chevy", an original composition of John's ( John Heals).

Recorded with a Fender Japanese Strat w/ DiMarzio Virtual Vintage Blues bridge pickup straight into the Swampdonkey M50 and out to a 12" driver in an isolation cab. The M50's "Voice" switch is set on "Bright" for the rhythm track and "Fat" for the solo. No effects pedals were used.

Recorded with a Gibson SG '61 re-issue stock Gibson (57 bridge) pickup. This is also plugged straight into the Swampdonkey M50 and output into the iso cab. On this track, the M50's "Voice" is set to "Crisp" for the rhythm track and "Full" for the solo. No effects pedals were used.

I've also posted some video clips of the Swampdonkey M50 on our official MySpace page. Please excuse the bandwidth restrictions of MySpace...