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Our services include repair, maintenance, modification and restoration for tube guitar amps and other equipment. Our labour rate is $75 per hour plus GST and we can even pick-up or deliver your amp for a $25 fee. Additionally, our Five Star Field Service is available to Calgary area and visiting players who need a house call at the gig.

Amplifier Test and Tune - $75 +GST (flat rate)

  • Test your amp.

  • Test your tubes.

  • Remove chassis from cabinet and visually inspect.

  • Clean and lube your controls.

  • Record internal voltages and adjust bias if required.

  • Provide you with a written report of your amp's health and possible needs.

We stock tubes from JJ. Svetlana, Tung Sol and Winged C. 

Restoration Services include 3 prong AC cord conversions, chassis cleaning and complete rebuilds.

We also can work with you to re-voice your amp and perform mods and conversions on many amps.

Custom built amps from kits or from scratch!

What is "Five Star Field Service™" ?

  • This means that when you are touring through Calgary and area, we can meet you on-site at your venue or hotel and service your amps, effects, cabling and guitar electronics. It's like having a road tech make a house call. This service is available for tube amps of all types and covers on site tube testing, re-tubing and biasing, cleaning controls, replacing reverb tanks, replacing speakers and performing general maintenance and repairs.


  • If your amp requires more extensive repair, we'll take it back to our shop or even another repair shop if you prefer.


  • The show must go on! We have Swampdonkey amps available in case you need a loaner to get you through the gig. If you require something else, we'll do our best to get it for you.


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